La Fossette

The coast is protected from the north by the Maures mountains and enjoys particularly good weather throughout most of the year. In July and August the temperature is normally well above 30C and is usually above 20C during the Spring and Autumn and is rarely cold at any time.

Rainfall is mostly light and when it is heavy it is usually only for a short time and afterwards everywhere dries quickly.

The famous Mistral wind can blow at certain times of the year but the villa is mostly protected from these by the hills behind.

To get the forecast for the next five days at Toulon, which is only 25 miles away and the nearest major weather observation point, please click here.

2020-11-28 13°C
2020-11-29 14°C
2020-11-30 13°C
2020-12-01 12°C
2020-12-02 11°C